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cake pops and sprinkles

I wanted to do something special for my sister’s birthday so I decided to make cake pops for her birthday party.  It was my first time doing it, but I’ve seen so many adorable pictures online that I wanted to finally try it out myself.  It took WAY longer than I anticipated, but now that I’ve gone through it once, I have some helpful tips to make baking them a faster and smoother process. 

I chose red velvet and white cake for the cake flavors, butter cream frosting, and pink and white sprinkled vanilla flavored candy melts.  I used 7 different types of sprinkles, which was super fun to play around with and made the cake pops really PoP!  What’s awesome is that these cake pops are really perfect for any occasion and totally customizable with different flavors, colors or decoration. Cake mix, frosting and sprinkles can be found at any grocery store.  Candy melt, lollipop sticks and additional baking supplies can be found at craft stores like Michael’s or Joann’s Fabrics.  Everything cost around $10, not including the sprinkles that I already had.

You will need:

1 box of cake mix (+eggs, vegetable oil, water)
1 can of frosting
candy melts
lollipop sticks
optional: mini cupcake baking cups, cellophane candy wrappers

1 box of cake mix makes ~45 1” cake balls


1) Bake cake mix according to package directions. Let cool completely.

2) Once cake is cooled, crumble cake into a fine mixture using your hands or fork.

3) Mix in frosting into the cake crumbles with your hands.  It will get messy!  Rule of thumb: use about 1/2-3/4 can of frosting for every 1 box of cake mix.  I used closer to 1/2 can of frosting for the white cake and 1/4 for the red velvet because I was only using half the red velvet for the cake pops and the rest for cupcakes.  Test it out by slowly adding a dollop of frosting each time.  You want it to be a pretty firm but moist dough consistency.

4) Roll cake/frosting mix into 1 inch balls.  I made 2 white cake/red velvet chimera creations just for funsies as seen below, right plate.

5) Melt a few candy melts according to package directions (microwave or double boiler method). Dip the tips of the lollipop sticks in melted candy melts and push halfway through the cake ball. This helps secure the sticks onto the cake balls.

6) Place cake pops in freezer for an hour or two.  You want them to be very firm so they won’t break off the stick during the coating process or eating.

7) Melt a bowl full of candy melt to coat the hardened cake balls.  I used the microwaving method, reheating and stirring in 30 second intervals, but I suggest using the double broiler method because it will keep the candy hotter for a longer amount of time and require less reheating.  If you continually heat the candy melt or add liquid, it will lose its consistency. 

8. Dip and coat hardened cake balls into the candy melts and tap against the side of the bowl to shake off the excess.  Decorate with different types of sprinkles quickly because the candy coating dries fast. 

9. Push lollipop stick into the foam block to dry standing up.  I was ghetto and just cut holes into a cardboard box :)

I chose to serve them in foil cupcake baking cups because they were going to be eaten right away.  And yes, drunk people LOVEEEE cake pops.  They were devoured within minutes!  If you wanted to give them out as party favors or individually, you can wrap them up in cellophane candy wrappers, too. 

It took several hours to do, but if you follow my tips on freezing the cake balls, securing the sticks with candy melt, and using the double broiler method to temper the candy, it will go a long way in making secure cake pops and making the whole process go faster.  Also, I think the coating and decorating part would be a great group activity.  Since I was doing it alone most of the time, it went way way slowly.  Once I got help from the awesome bf decorating, it went by really quickly and it was super cute seeing him play around with different colors and combinations. :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe!  I’m SO not a huge baker or chef, but learning how to bake a new dessert and decorating with the bf was a really really fun day!  And surprising my sister with these little treats and seeing the smile light up her face made it all worth it.  Happy Cake Popping!

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